One-of-a-kind recycled guitar picks

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Lego Picks

Just mailed out the first package of Lego guitar picks! Thanks Hannah from Delaware!


Gift Cards Are Heavy

Have you ever carried a bag around the mall with 498 used gift cards? No? I have! Thank you Claire’s, Build-A-Bear, and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Gift cards are also being collected from Brookstone, J Crew, Lululemon, and Lucky. I stopped by Sur La Table hoping to get some cards from them except their policy says to cut them up and throw them out 😦 How wasteful. French picks would’ve been great for my fundraiser to France! Oh well.

Thank You Don!

I hope you like your picks, and thanks for the used gift cards!

Coming Soon – Necklaces!

Check back soon to see how to order!

Happy Birthday Sarah G!

Hope you like your picks 😀 I even gave you one with a birthday cake!

Card Donation

Thanks Sandy L. for donating 8 used cards! Much appreciated 🙂

Great Gift Idea!

It’s not too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! Picks by Guitarishy make a great gift!