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Key Chains


I took one of the guitar pick pendants that was on a necklace and decided it would be cool as a key chain! Any guitar pick can be made into one. I gave a similar one to my grandma 🙂 I like how it matches my Eiffel tower keychain too!



International love

It’s official! Picks by Guitarishy is INTERNATIONAL! I mailed out 2 packages of lego picks to Jeremy in Australia today 😀 Thanks Jeremy!

Shark Tank

While I was in France, I was told about the show Shark Tank. I started watching as soon as I got home and now I’m hooked. For anyone who doesn’t know, Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs come in and pitch ideas to 5 rich investers who then decide if they want to invest in their companies or not. I just learned that my mom sent in an application for Picks by Guitarishy to be on the show months ago, and I just emailed in my application today! It would be amazing to be on Shark Tank!! Fingers crossed 🙂


Whoops! I realized I never blogged about France! I got back in the beginning of July and spent the fourth unpacking and resting. France was amazing 😀 It was the trip of a lifetime. My favorite part of the whole trip was walking up the stairs of the Eiffel tower. I took some awesome pictures; the view was incredible. Thank you to everyone who bought guitar picks and helped make this all possible!