One-of-a-kind recycled guitar picks



Whoops! I realized I never blogged about France! I got back in the beginning of July and spent the fourth unpacking and resting. France was amazing 😀 It was the trip of a lifetime. My favorite part of the whole trip was walking up the stairs of the Eiffel tower. I took some awesome pictures; the view was incredible. Thank you to everyone who bought guitar picks and helped make this all possible!


France bound

Heading off to France in a few hours! Thanks everyone for all the support! Even though I’m leaving for my trip doesn’t mean you have to stop buying picks 🙂 I’d love to return to the US and have a few orders waiting!

Au revoir,


AP Lang picks

Today was the final exam for my AP Language class so I gave my guitar-playing teacher some picks (not just so he would raise my grade, of course). I saw the pick with pencils and immediately thought that Mr. Inloes should have it. Now he can “rhetorically analyze” the notes in chords and write an “impromptu” song!



I’m leaving for France in 8 days! A big thank you to everyone who has donated cards or bought my picks, I really appreciate it! If you haven’t bought any picks already then please consider doing so 🙂 If you don’t play guitar then you can always buy a stylish guitar pick necklace.


I got a lovely email from Beth a little while ago:

I remember reading an article about you in the Troy Patch about upcycling old gift cards into guitar picks.  Are you still taking the gift cards for this project?  I’ve been doing some cleaning and have some that would love a new life form!

I told her I would gladly accept any used cards and sure enough they came yesterday in the mail! I was so excited and can’t wait to turn them into picks 😀

If you have any used cards that you’d like to get rid of please send me an email! Thanks!

More orders!

Just sent out two different orders – one was a set of picks for Amy and the other was a set of picks along with a necklace for a boy rocker for Katie. I made sure to pick the most masculine-looking pick I had 🙂 Hope you enjoy them!


I stopped by Caruso Caruso in Birmingham today to see if they would sell my picks. I got the email of the store owner so I’m going to email him and hope for the best 🙂 I walked by Oliver’s Trendz which was closed, so I’ll have to go back another day. I also went to Twisted Fruit on the way home and left a note saying it would be amazing if they could sell my picks there and that I’d email the manager. Hopefully soon my picks and necklaces will be available in local stores!